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The Show
Creative Process

R&D - Photos | Video
Atelier 231 Residency - Photos

The research for 'Grime' started in 2011 with support from Bristol City Council. Our starting points were society's outsiders, outcasts, Punch and Judy and dirt. We rammed them all in a blender and came up with a family of hugely dysfunctional misfits, a place for them to live and work and some big ideas about what might happen in the show.

In 2012 with support from Without walls and Zepa, we continued to develop the world of ‘Grime’ with a bigger pool of artists including performers, directors, musicians, puppeteers, writers, set designers, lighting designers, sound designers, costume designers, puppet makers and pyromaniacs. This phase gave us a detailed recipe of how to make the show. Now all we needed was the money. It was during this phase that Kate Hazel of Alchemy productions came on board as producer.

In 2013, we received funding through Theatre Bristol from the Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships to attend a week-long residency at Le Fourneau creation centre in Brittany. The aim of this week was to find out about how street theatre is made and sold in France, as well as learning about the needs and expectations of European audiences, with a view to make our touring more sustainable.

In 2014 WE FINALLY GOT THE FUNDING TO MAKE THE SHOW!!! We began the production phase in Bristol, before moving the whole company out to France, as part of the ZEPA2 project for a three-week residency at Artelier 231. Atelier 231 is an incredible space, set up solely to support street theatre artists to create work. They provide 2 huge warehouses, wood, metal and sewing workshops, a library / resource centre and best of all, a constant supply of three course meals lovingly prepared by chefs Didier and Brigitte. The final part of Creation took place back in the UK in Bristol and at 101, Corn Exchanges fantastic new outdoor arts creation space.

The Research Team
Project Manager Jack Stoddart
Devisers Jack Stoddart, Gwen Scott, Toby Gascoigne, Adam Fuller, Nikki Warwick, Ed Hicks, Billy Paul & Lucy Harrington
Research Facilitator Holly Stoppit
Writer Adam Fuller
Set designer Will Datson
Costume Designer/ Research Illustration Tomasin Cuthbert
Puppet Designer Pickled Image
Pyro design Pete Mountain
Lighting Designer Anna Barrett
Producer Kate Hazel (Alchemy Productions)