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The Show
Creative Process

In 2014 three fantastic community projects ran alongside the creation process and tour of Grime.

Atelier 231 workshops
During our residency at Atelier 231, Holly Stoppit devised and delivered a series of tie-in workshops for a group of people with schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. These workshops ran parallel to our creation process and allowed the group to experience how we make our shows as well as having the opportunity to contribute to the research for Grime through devising and performing a short performance about living with mental illness.

T.W.I.Ts at Winchester Hat Fair
Photos | Video
As part of Winchester Hat Fair, Holly Stoppit worked with the students from Winchester Uni's Street Arts Degree to create a 'local' response to the burger van. In the form of the T.W.I.Ts (The Winchetser Institution for Toffs)

Meat is Burger
Photos | Video
Whilst at Atelier 231 a second parallel project ran alongside our residency in the form of video workshops. Led by Mickaël Leclère, an independent film director who worked with a group of patients suffering from mental illnesses from Lucien Bonnafé day hospital of the Rouvray hospital centre. Together they created a documentary of our residency entitled "Meat is Burger".