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The Road to Nowhere

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Nana is at death's door and until her three grandsons are happily married she cannot rest in peace! But who will ever be good enough for Nana's Boys? Dragging Nana's redundant coffin and dressed in dishevelled wedding apparel, their quest has become a sideshow of serenades, a never-ending search for the perfect bride!

Devisers/Performers Jack Stoddart, Holly Stoppit, Ed Hicks, Marc Parrett, Zoot Lynam & Les Bubb
Director Emma Lloyd
Set design & construction Marc Parrett
Costumes Gilly Stoddart
Puppets Pickled image
Producers Holly Stoppit & Jack Stoddart

Funded by
Arts Council England & Cirque Bijou
New Street Theatre Award

Photo © Daniel Wilton