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2019 dates

The Band at the End of the World!
Brass heavy, anarchic, cult mayhem, mixed with the uttermost poignancy.

8th June - SpareParts, Oldham - full daytime show
22nd June - Eastleigh unwrapped - full daytime show
23rd June - The Spring, Havant - full daytime show
6th July - SpareParts, Crewe - full daytime show
7th July - Wentworth, Rotherham - full daytime show show
20th July - Big Splash, Newport - participatory show with local brass band
21st July - SpareParts, Fleetwood - full show
3rd & 4th August - SIRF - walkabout version
10th August - Preston summer Saturdays - full show
23rd & 24th August - Big Feast, Stoke-on-Trent - Walkabout version
30th & 31st August - Freedom festival, Hull - full dusk time show with local performers & brass band
31st August & 1st September - Freedom festival, Hull - Walkabout version (daytime)
21st September - Redbridge - full show
19th October - Manchester Folk festival - full show (tbc)

Mr Burn
Chaotic, offbeat musical comedy with a touch of disaster

25th May - Shindig Festival
27th - 29th June - Glastonbury Festival

If you are interested in booking a show, a workshop or require any other information please contact us.

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