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Ramshacklicious Theatre Company makes collaboratively devised theatre with the audiences' experience at the centre of their process.

Over the years, the Ramshacklicious team has built in strength. We now have a wonderful array of artists with an enormous range of skills including performers, set designers, directors, musicians, writers, devisers, composers, puppeteers, puppet designers, scenic artists, costume designers, Fire/pyro/pneumatic air/special effects Artists and sound designers.

We collaboratively devise shows through our innovative, playful and exploratory creation process. We look for exciting links between all the composite parts and artsists, making space for the emergence of new approaches to theatre- making, which brings unexpectedly interesting results.

This inclusivity flows through from the initial research and development phase right through to the presentation and development of a piece. We are constantly evolving and refining our process with every project we make, learning with the artists we collaborate with.