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Fink Soup

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Mercival and Bile are two mysterious, mind reading travellers.

Their quest, of dubious intent, takes them into the murky corners of the world trundling with them their eccentric self made music-powered machine. Watch as they quietly arrive as if from nowhere, they wake their machine with a broken silence and the growing urgency of their intentions are revealed. They request for you to join them in their wonderfully weird world for their own unethical gains. Have you got what they want? You'll be left wondering what just happened as they disappear in a chaotic frenzy of FinkSoup.

Performer/Devisers Gwen Scott and Jack Stoddart
Director Flick Ferdinando
Dramaturg Adam Fuller
Set/prop design Will datson, Georgina Rose Shire & Tomsain Cuthbert
Costumes Maija Nygren
Producers Jack Stoddart & Gwen Scott

Funded by Arts Council England
Commissioned by Activate
Supported by Lakes Alive

Photo © Matt Smith