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The Sad Band Experience

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Part slick musicians part disaster clown band, they emerge from the darkness to mingle with you and entertain you with their tragic stories and songs.

Society's outcasts, the forgotten people, the unwanted, creeping around trying to go unnoticed. Trundling along with them their clapped out old trolley brimming with a ramshackle array of musical instruments, their worldly possessions, their memories. Playing an eclectic shonky blend of Swing/skiffle/folk/blues.

Devisers/performers Jack Stoddart, Gwen Scott, Laura Pocket & Duncan Cameron
Director Steve Ryan
Costumes Tomasin Cuthbert
Set & Prop Design Will Datson
Teacher Aitor Basauri
Producer Jack Stoddart

Funded by Arts Council England
Supported by Lakes Alive and Seachange Arts

Photo © Steve Ryan